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wooden  EVCLIDEAN & MANDALA collections


Wooden Evclidean & Mandala are two collection sof wooden lasercut and hand finished  jewels.

The innovative approach to the contemporary jewelry design and

the decision to keep the raw material as packaging shows the machining process.

The jewel and the box are designed together.

The box is a piece of poplar wood from where the jewel is cut out; the exceeding material doesn't go to waste but becomes part of the whole project. When you don't wear the jewel you can put it back in the box  and have a nice object to decorate your home.

 The combination of basic figures reveals the beauty of geometry in Evclidean collection.

Mandala collection is dealt with 3 most powerful geometric concepts that meets the theme of spirituality:

n°1 Golden Spiral, n°2 Fractals, n°3 Sri Yantra.


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